Materials used in the construction of our wooden gates is a key part for their durability and outstanding natural beauty. Our softwood gates are produced using the finest, slow grown redwood pine from sustainable forests. Slow grown timber provides greater density levels (close to hardwood). Although more expensive it does produce a longer lasting product.

Rear Bracing: Most gates will be produced with a diagonal brace system. This is sometimes changed to an “A” brace design if needed due to size.

TIMBERSlow grown Redwood Pine
FRAME3" x 3" (70mm x 70mm)
CLADDINGT, G and V - 19mm x 125mm (nominal)
REAR BRACING3" x 2" (70mm x 47mm)
STAIN (if added)Sadolin
CONSTRUCTIONMortise, tennon and dowel jointed
SIZESMade to measure
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