To ensure your new metal gates are in good condition for the years to come they will need maintaining by yourselves once fitted. It is advisable to wipe them clean with warm soapy water every few months. If you notice any areas of the gates that have the paint chipped or scratched then you must treat this area with a anti rust paint (this can happen through delivery or when fitting). Depending on the standard finish you select which result in different levels of maintenance required  (Powder coats finish or long life system).Typical areas which may show some signs of rust would be around the weld points (this is because the welds have small air pockets in which when exposed to the elements can rust and you may see rusty water marks). By using a small brush you will be able to get into these areas easily.

More about our finishes

Powder Coat:

As standard our gates will come with a powder coat finish. The standard colour is black although any RAL colour can be applied. The powder coat finish is very nice but does need more looking after to help protect against rust. If the paint gets chipped it can lead to rust in the exposed areas within a few days. When not dealt with the water can then get under the paint and start to peel, bubble or make the paint flake off.

Long Life System:

This is a much more durable and anti rust paint finish. The gates are firstly sand blasted to give a good key to the metal for the paint to adhere to. Then the gates are primed, left to cure and then the top coat is applied. Although there is an additional cost to this the end results gives a great protection against the elements. The paint is harder to damage and if it is chipped (which will still need to dealt with by yourselves with anti rust paint and a small brush) the water will not get under the rest of the paint meaning less peeling or bubbling of the gates. Life expectancy for the long life system is over 10 years corrosion protection if maintained properly.


We do not offer galvanising on our metal gates. This is due to the finish it can leave sharp points on the gates and the powder coat finish will chip a lot easier than onto bare metal which creates a lot more maintenance problems.