Discover our Metal/ wrought iron gates. All expertly crafted by hand in the UK and delivered nationwide. We have a large selection of designs in a range of metal gate types such as driveway gatesside gatesgarden gatessliding gates3/4 split gates, bi-fold gates, metal railings and metal balustrades.

Different material? We also produce Wooden GatesHardwood Gates, and our Composite GatesMetal Framed Gates.


Wrought Iron/ Metal Gates

Wrought iron gates (metal gates), all constructed by hand in the UK to any width or height. We offer a huge range of wrought iron gates and metal gates types such as Driveway GatesSliding Gates3/4 Split GatesGarden GatesSide gates, Metal Railings and Metal Balustrades. As standard, all metal gates we produce arrive finished in black, anthracite grey or white powder coat and include gate opening/ closing latch, adjustable hinges and drop bolts (if required for gate type). Most of our wrought iron gates are constructed using our “Premium Frame” system which consists of a deeper frame work and thicker infill bars. This not only looks better but increases gate durability.
There are advantages to choosing metal/ wrought iron gates. These include lower maintenance. Compared to a timber gate that will need annual staining/ painting,  metal gates usually only requires a basic touch up to cover any marks/ scratches. There is no risk of the wrought iron gate expanding or twisting making the gate more durable than a timber version. As all gate designs are “open panelled”. Those wanting to automate the gate are able to use a lower 24v automation kit with more built in safety systems than a 230v kit. For our larger wrought iron gates, (driveway, sliding, 3/4 split gates) we offer automation and installation. Please call for more details.