Measure garden or side gates

Calculating gate width with existing pillars or posts in place.

Take THREE measurements between the pillars/ posts. Across the top, middle and bottom. Make a note of the SMALLEST measurement.

Calculate width of wooden garden gates

Gates to opens inwards towards property. Hinges mounted on rear of post/ pillar with the back edge of gate being inline with back of post/ pillar.

REDUCE 20mm (approx. 4/5″) from your lowest measurement.

There are two other ways of setting your garden/ side gate up depending on personal preference. The two diagrams shown below if you the set up with the gate in the centre of the pillars and one where the front edge of the gate would be inline with the front of the pillar. These posts can be mounted to the side of your pillar.

Clearance of 20mm (approx. 4/5″) still required. Gate swings inwards towards property.

Calculate width of wooden garden gates 2