How to Fit – Softwood/ Hardwood Garden or Side Gates



Wooden Gate can greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Once the hinges have been attached, your gate is ready to be hung. Proper installation will ensure that the Gate swings open and shut without a hitch and remains tightly closed when not in use. A smooth operation also will ensure less wear on your hinges and a longer life for your gate. Installation of the gate should take about an hour for a first-time installer.


  • Pencil
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level or plumb line
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver
  • Hacksaw or Angle Grinder (needed if adjustment to opening latch required)

Gate Bracing

On the rear of the gate you will see the structural bracing required to support the weight of your new gate. It is crucial that the gate is hinged on the correct size (this is why we ask if the hinges are left or right side from rear). Below is an example of a side and garden gate with correct fitting.



First, ensure the mounting post or pillar is strong enough to with-hold the weight of the gate. If the old post shows signs of rot, replace it.

Next, fit the hinges to the gate. This will be on the top and bottom horizontal brace. For those who are having the hinges placed on the front of gate, make sure you fix the hinge to where the brace lands behind. Place hinges on, mark holes, remove hinge, drill pilot holes (3mm drill bit) then attach hinge with screws. For appearance, take time to centralise the hinge on the brace.

Put the gate between your opening. Ideally the gap should be 10mm per side (1/3″). This can be increased but should not be reduced as the gate can swell during the seasons and prevent easy opening and closing. Once checked, remove gate from opening.

Ground clearance to the bottom edge of gate should be 25mm (1″). This is to allow small stones and build up of leaves etc to freely pass underneath. This may need to be increased if the path inclines. With timber or spacers of 25mm in height, place gate back in the opening with the packer under.

pedestrian-gate-fitting example

Ensure the gap between the mounting post and edge of gate is 10mm and mark the position of the top and bottom hinge on mounting post.


Remove gate and drill pilot holes. With two people, put the gate back on the packer and fit hinges to mounting posts. At this stage just use two screws per hinge so that you can check the gate swings freely before fixing the rest of the screws. Once done, remove bottom packer.


Closing latch or ring latch. For smaller garden gates use a closing latch. Larger side gates use a ring latch. (Image below has a closing latch on left side with a ring latch on right side).


Latch position is up to the individual but we would recommend top for a garden gate and centre for side gate.



For garden gates – comes in two pieces. One bar that attaches to the gate and the latch to the post. Position bar to gate (again, for looks try to centralise it). Mark holes, remove, drill pilot holes and screw.


With the gate in the closed position, place the latch under the bar to check for position, mark holes, remove, drill pilot holes then attach with screws to post. Check the gate opens and closes securely. If needed adjust.


Comes in five pieces. Ring latch with connected rectangle bar, ring latch, 2 x bar catches and stainless steel bar. If looking at the rear of the gate, if the gate opens inwards towards you the ring latch with the rectangle bar would be on the rear of the gate, if the gate opens away from you, fit to front of gate.


Place ring latch on brace allowing the rectangle bar to protrude 50mm from the edge of the gate.


Mark holes, remove and drill pilot holes. Now you should have 4 holes. Take a ruler and draw a cross to get the centre of the area. This is where the stainless steel bar will connect to the ring latch (on both sides). Carefully drill a pilot hole all the way through the gate. Measure the thickness of the stainless steel bar and take a drill bit larger so that you create a hole for the bar to be able to turn freely. Screw the ring latch to the gate and place the bar in.

Next, slide the holding catch over the rectangle bar (as below), mark, remove, drill pilot holes and fix.


Go to the other side of the gate. Connect ring latch to stainless steel bar, mark holes, remove, drill pilot holes then screw

Close the gate. Position the catch on the post for the ring latch to close on to (as below). Mark holes, remove, drill pilot holes and screw to post.


Check that the gate opens and securely closes.

That’s it! Your new gate should be fitted. 


Stunning service from start to finish with text and mail updates on build progress, Then when the gate arrived I was really pleased with the quality of the build. Would buy again.

Stuart Steadman


This is the second gate we have bought from Gates and Fences. We were very happy with the first although the queue at that time was long, they kept in touch all the way until it was delivered as and when promised.

We like the quality and finish of the first so felt quite happy to wait for the second and we were delighted when it was promised and also delivered in a much shorter timespan.

Communication throughout the process was excellent and the care taken to ensure that our order was accurate and contained everything we needed. Well Done!

Stephen Cook


Quality product and excellent service. Very pleased with my new side gate which is solidly built and will clearly last many many years. The ordering process was efficient with clear and helpful responses. I’d definitely use this firm for any future needs.

Lance Pitts


Easy to use website, well followed up with email progress reports as build progressed. Arrived on promised date, friendly crew unloaded gates.
Builder confirmed good quality gates and hinges/fittings also look good. Gates have now been installed and we are very pleased with the way they enhance the kerb appeal of our house.

Harry Richardson


I received regular updates on progress hence able to plan fitting easily (gate is for busy hotel) The gate was well packaged, everything was present and correct. Build was very good, it’s a decent weight and I think it’ll prove solid enough to cope with the use it’ll get for many years.
Visually it’s excellent and has already drawn several admiring comments.
Overall a super service and quality product.

Paul Burrough


Very pleased with my gate purchase worth paying the extra for a quality and sturdy gate.
Made to measure and fits a treat. Communication and update along the way was excellent,never known a business keep you as well informed as Gates and Fences.
Delivery was spot on tracked to my door. Recommend to all and if needed would definitely buy from this firm again.
Many thanks

Gary Rawlings


Very rarely these days do you get great service and a great product.
From initial contact to manufacturing and Subsequent delivery I was kept up to date. Paul Jones was very helpful and patient and gave excellent help re how to size etc prior to ordering.
Installation advice was also invaluable and as a result I purchased the correct fixings and completed the job.
Thank you.

J Graham


Our gate was super. Lovely quality & well made wood & ironwork.
Delivered in testing times & easy to fit !
Couldn’t fault it !

Kevin Hardy


A properly made gate built to last.
The whole experience was excellent, I was helped measuring the opening, discussing the options and finally choosing the right gate. I was kept informed during the UK manufacturing process, order was shipped as arranged, all well packaged. Hanging the gate (on my own) was possible, the instructions could be a little clearer but help is at hand via telephone. After sale service is also first rate. Overall – Very impressed 5 *****

Toby Arnold


From my first phone call to delivery, the information, advice and general communication was excellent. I was firstly advised that there might be a 4-6 week lead-in time but the gates were delivered in 4 weeks from ordering. That is 1st class service. E-mails kept me informed of the start of the manufacturing, to the end of the process of staining, oiling, quality control to delivery date. Well done.

Ron Wallace


An excellent product at a reasonable price. Right from my first enquiry the company was very professional. They helped confirm my calculations for a bespoke size and kept me informed every step of the way. Quoted 5 weeks the our gate arrived in just 3. Product was of good quality and arrived well protected against damage. I found the website very good too. All in all very pleased with our purchase. Andy Boulter

Andy Boulter


Excellent service, easy to follow website for ordering,
kept informed throughout manufacturing and delivery by email. Arrived exactly when they said and well packaged. Definitely use again in the future.

Janet Huntley


From placing our order to receiving the end product the service we received was excellent.The customer service team were very informative and helpful.
The quality of both the gates and fence panels are excellent . They are very well built and the craftsmanship is brilliant . Our order arrived well packaged and on our agreed date. They look fantastic. We are very impressed and would certainly use gates and fences in the future and would be happy to recommend them.
Richard and Julie

Julie Burnett


I ordered a side gate from Gates and Fences as they were one of the few companies that could offer a bespoke gate at a reasonable price. I was very pleased with the quality of the end product, and it arrived well within the advertised turn-around time.

Cheryl Robertson


After completing the on-line order information, the company were very quick to respond and clarify my requirements.They did this by email and it a was a very efficient process. I was updated by email throughout the manufacturing process right up to when the side gate I ordered was delivered. Although I have not installed it yet, it looks magnificent ‘a beast of a gate’, but very good looking. I would highly recommend this company.

David Longley


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