Use this guide to purchase the correct set-up for your sliding gate. We strongly recommend any sliding gate to be fitted by an experienced installer.


There needs to be adequate space for the sliding gate to go to when fully open. To keep the gate upright, the gate needs to have an overhang of 800mm. So, the actual width of the gate would be opening size plus 800mm.


For manual or electric sliding gates the set-up needs.

  • Support Post/ Bracket – Keeps the gate upright. This is done using either a support post which is dug into the ground and nylon rollers catch a “U” track on gate, or, a bracket that is positioned over the gate and bolted to a flat wall.
How to fit bolt down posts for metal balustrades

Position first post. Mark holes and carefully drill suitable hole for fixings. We recommend starting with a pilot hole then move to correct drill size. Fixings to secure post to ground are not included.

Level post and secure to floor

Ensure post is level and secure post using your selected fixings. Measure distance to the second post, level, drill and fix. The distance between the posts can be up to 20mm wider than the ballustrade but for finished look, try not to have a gap of more than 10mm (5mm per side).

Fitting metal balustrades to posts

To make fitting easier, place balustrade between posts on packers (100mm high) and clamp.

Fix balustrade to post

Using fixings supplied, fix balustrade to posts (one fixing per corner).

Fitted Metal Balustrades

Repeat process to fit remaining balustrades. That’s it! Enjoy your new balustrade area!